Global SLP market size analysis and forecast

What is SLP ?

SLP (Substrate-like PCB), abbreviated as SLP in Chinese, is the next generation PCB hard board that can reduce the line width/line distance from 40/50 microns in HDI to 20/35 microns, i.e. the minimum line width/line distance will be reduced from 40 microns in HDI to less than 30 microns in SLP. Currently, the SLP of Peng Ding Holdings is 25 microns.From the point of view of manufacturing process, SLP is closer to IC board used for semiconductor packaging, but it has not reached the specification of IC board, and its purpose is still carrying a variety of active and passive components, so it still belongs to the category of PCB.With SLP board for smart phones, the carrying quantity of electronic components in the same area can reach twice that of HDI.

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SLP technology 

SLP ADAPTS to SIP encapsulation technology, and a big improvement in SLP requirements lies in its alignment with SIP encapsulation technology.According to the international semiconductor line organization (ITRS) the definition of the SIP (System in a Package) or System level packaging technology, is more than one active electronic components with different functions and optional passive components, such as including processor, memory, MEMS chips and optical device integration in a Package, achieve a certain function of a single standard packaging, so as to realize a complete basic functions, form a System or subsystem of packaging technology.

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Kartain technology start to do the research on IC substrate PCB,

Now we already make MEMS,FPGA,BGA,SIP,UDP,MINILED packing pcb,

Min line reach to 2mil, 

Min pad gap reach to 0.05mm+/-0.02mm

Min drilling vias reach to 0.05mm.

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