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    Kartain Technology CO.,LTd established in 2010,have higher circuitry density compared to universal circuit boards. We are committed to providing HDI printed circuit board manufacturing service from QTA prototyping to High volume production with good quality,high precision and quick turnkey.

   High quality, excellent prices of electronic components products, provide our clients with complete support ODM/OEM services ,major business include PCB prototype design,PCB boards,FPC boards,MCPCB boards,SMT assembly and the other specialmaterial requirements,featured products are LED PCB,LED FPC strips with the ICs,High Thermal Conductivity CEM-3/Aluminum PCB,Roger high frequency PCB,heavy copper PCB,Halogen Free PCB,Ceramic PCB, flexible PCB and the rigid-flex PCB etc,especially the standard modules of the LED PCB/PCBA in the market,we would like to provide the customized,cost-effective,personalized products service.All of the products meet the ISO,RoHS environmental requirements.

   About 8000 sqm of production and over 400 employees,offering over 1000 various kinds of PCB boards and monthly output up to 20 thousands sqm,has one oversea Chinese,one professional and several experienced engineers,most of the production process manufactured ourselves,it possesses a complete set of the quality inspection devices and the perfect detection system for purpose of ensuring the excellent product quality.

   More than 80% products exported to Japan, Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, Europe,North America,South Africa and the Middle East and so on many countries,our main clients include Philips,International Rectifier,AVAGO,ATS,HiberXen Electronics,TS Enterprise,PRDF,Navana Energy Limited. Renewable Energy Limited,Axita Bangladesh Limited,RSF RENEWABLE Limited etc.

   We haven’t the MOQ/MOV,any trial test orders and developing products welcomed,we can offer the qucik-turn service,special material orders,PCB layout,SMT,DIP,final testing and logistics services,all of the requirements will be responsed within 12hours.

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