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FPC Capacity
Flexible Circuit Board Capability
Item Mass Production Samples
Layers Delaminated board:1-8L Delaminated board:1-8L
Rigid-flex:2-8L Rigid-flex:2-8L
Multilayer:3-10L Multilayer:3-10L
Min.Through laser hole size dia.0.05mm dia.0.04mm
Min.Mechanical through hole size dia.0.1-6.30mm 0.10-6.30mm
Min.via pad dimension dia.0.2mm dia.0.2mm
Tolerance of PTH dimension ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Tolerance of NPTH dimension ±0.025mm ±0.025mm
Finished board thickness 0.05-4.0mm 0.05-4.0mm
Tolerance of finished board thickness ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Board dimension Min.5x8mm Min.5x8mm
Max.500x400mm, 5meters/reel(only for 1layer fpc) Max.1000x1000mm, 5meters/reel(only for 1layer FPC)
Copper thickness 9um,12um,18um,35um,70um 9um,12um,18um,35um,70um
max.Hole Plating Aspect Ratio 8:1 8:1
PTH copper thickness 8um-35um 8um-35um
Surface finish  OSP,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Plating Gold,Immersion Silver OSP,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Plating Gold,Immersion Silver
Thickness of plating Nickel/Gold Ni:2-9um,Au:0.01-0.2um Ni:2-9um,Au:0.01-0.2um
Immersion Tin 3-15um 3-15um
Min.Coverlay Opening 0.4mm 0.4mm
Coverlay Color Red,Yellow,White,Golden,Silver,Orange Red,Yellow,White,Golden,Silver,Orange
Stiffener FR4,Steel,Aluminum,PI,3M,Electromagnetic membrane FR4,Steel,Aluminum,PI,3M,Electromagnetic membrane
Tolerance of single-ended impedance ±10% ±8%
Tolerance of differential impedance ±10% ±8%
Min.trace/spacing  0.035mm/0.045mm 0.035mm/0.045mm
Layer to layer registration ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Solermask edge to pad or trace edge 0.045mm 0.04mm
Min.solder opening 0.25mm 0.25mm
Min.legend to pad 0.15mm 0.15mm
IC pitch sapcing 0.3mm 0.2mm
Gold finger Pitch Tolerance Base film with adhesive:±0.05mm Base film with adhesive:±0.05mm
Base film no   adhesive:±0.03mm Base film no   adhesive:±0.03mm
Min.Punching holes diameter tolerance 20mil±2mil 20mil±2mil
Punching Dimension tolerance(edge to edge)-Steel Mould ±4mil(±0.05mm) ±4mil(±0.05mm)
Punching Dimension tolerance(hole to edge)-Steel Mould ±4mil(±0.1) ±4mil(±0.1)
Punching Dimension tolerance(edge to edge)-Falchion Mould ±12mil(±0.15) ±12mil(±0.15)
Punching Dimension tolerance--simple mould ±4mil(±0.1) ±4mil(±0.1)
Cutting mould 0.2mm 0.2mm
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